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Invoices and Job Credits

How do I pay an invoice? 

If you're already an administrator of your organization on Idealist, start by going to your organization's Dashboard. You can get there by clicking on your organization's name in the drop-down menu at the top right corner of any page, and then click "Dashboard". Navigate to the "Payments and Invoices" tab. You'll see a list of all invoices. You can sort them by "Paid," "Unpaid" and "Voided" as well as "Unpaid first," "Posting date" and "Due date."

In each invoice preview, you can click the "Pay Now" button to go straight to the credit card processor. To see the full page invoice, hover over the invoice and choose the "View" link on the right.

To pay multiple invoices, check the invoices you want to pay, then click the "Pay Multiple Invoices" button beneath the list.

We accept credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, and American Express) and checks.

Can I edit the billing information on my invoice? 

Unfortunately, once an invoice has been generated (the moment you hit the "Publish" button on a job listing), we can't make any changes to it. Whenever you post a job, you'll be lead through a page with billing information. This page auto-populates with whatever information your organization most recently used to pay for a listing, but you can edit anything you'd like on this page. In the future, be sure to review this page before submitting the information.

What is a Job Pack? 

A Job Pack gives organizations a discount on job listings by allowing them to purchase credits in advance. While the price of posting one job is $90 (for U.S.-based nonprofits or government agencies), or $110 (for U.S.-based businesses) here are the reduced prices for Job Packs:

Nonprofit Pricing:

  • 10 job credits for $745 (save $155)
  • 20 job credits for $1,275 (save $525)
  • 50 job credits for $2,575 (save $1,925)
  • 100 job credits for $4,275 (save $4,725)
  • 500 job credits for $18,000 (save $27,000)

Business Pricing:

  • 10 job credits for $925 (save $175)
  • 20 job credits for $1,545 (save $655)
  • 50 job credits for $3,145 (save $2,355)
  • 100 job credits for $5,275 (save $5,725)
  • 500 job credits for $25,000 (save $30,000)

Job Packs never expire, so you can take all the time you need to post those job listings. Just remember that you'll need to pay for the Job Pack before you can use any of the credits, and that credits cannot be used to pay for previously posted listings.

To purchase a Job Pack, go to your organization's Dashboard. In the Listings tab, click "Buy a Job Pack" (where you can also see how many credits your org has) next to the Post a Listing button.

At this time, Job credits can't be used to purchase Internship listings.

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