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Where in the world are people volunteering?

Everywhere. Really. Volunteers criss-cross the globe, traveling to communities from Australia to Iceland, Chile to China. That said, some places are tougher to volunteer in; for example, countries experiencing significant civil unrest may not be the safest or most stable places for foreign volunteers and some countries' governments may have closed their borders to outsiders. Most areas of the world though are rich in opportunity, so once you know more about why and how you want to volunteer, chances are you'll find what you're looking for north and south of the Equator.

Want to read about others' experiences volunteering abroad? Check out this great collection of shared stories, photos, videos, etc. hosted by the Abroad View Foundation. Also, check out these stories:

Have you volunteered abroad? If you're willing to share some of your own personal stories, we'd love to post them here!

Keep reading to learn more about what kinds of opportunities are available.

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