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Is Your Nonprofit Hiring or Searching for Volunteers?


Idealist is the largest nonprofit job site, and the leading online resource for people seeking careers in the social impact sector. Your nonprofit is invited to join Idealist, and begin tapping into our community, recruiting staff and volunteers, and promoting your programs and services to 1.4 million people a month.

Connect to a vast network

Idealist.org is a community of over a million engaged individuals, nonprofit organizations, and social enterprises in your area and from around the globe. Create your free page to connect with a community of passionate and educated supporters that prioritize initiatives for social change in everything from what they buy to where they work.

Find great people

Idealist is the leading website for staffing in the nonprofit sector. Your organization can connect with hundreds of thousands of people who are actively seeking opportunities for social change.

Recruiting volunteers is free, posting an internship is $25, and each job posting in the U.S. is only $90. If you have higher recruitment needs, Idealist Job Packs offer flexibility and even more savings (as low as $36 per job). Learn more.

Affordable and highly visible; listings are:

  • Emailed to interested candidates via the hundreds of thousands of daily email alerts that Idealist sends.
  • Searchable on Idealist. 100,000 people visit the site each day looking for opportunities.
  • Sent to job aggregator sites so you don't have to worry about paying the fees of multiple websites to reach a large audience.

Share your resources and events for free!

Get people buzzing about your organization's events, programs and resources by posting free listings that promote your work for social change. Since Idealist is a targeted community, your message will be shared with people who are passionate about social change and likely to engage with you on the issues that your organization works to support. They, in turn, can share your information easily through enhanced social network features on the site, and recommend you to their connections.

If you have any questions, visit our Help section or contact us. If not, get started now!