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The Nonprofit FAQ

The Nonprofit FAQ ("frequently asked questions") is a longstanding compendium of information for and about nonprofit organizations that has a new home online.

It is now a project of the National Center for Charitable Statistics at The Urban Institute in Washington, DC.

It can be accessed in its original form at http://nccsdataweb.urban.org/PubApps/nonprofitfaq.php

The information in the Nonprofit FAQ has also been integrated into the larger Knowledge Base created and maintained by the National Center for Charitable Statistics. New material is added and existing items are updated frequently.

The Nonprofit FAQ originated with The Internet Nonprofit Center, created by Cliff Landesman in the early 1990s. Putnam Barber and several other volunteers carried it forward. Later it was hosted by Michael Gilbert at The Gilbert Center and then at Idealist.org. The contents were moved to the National Center for Charitable Statistics in 2011.

You can also use the menu at the right to access Idealist's information for nonprofits and people who care about them. Read the general introduction to these resources to get started.