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More about nonprofits

The subject is broad...and deep. Here are a few more things that can be useful to know about nonprofits.

Taxes: It's true that another way of identifying nonprofits is to call them by the name the IRS uses: "tax-exempt" organizations. But just because many nonprofits don't pay federal corporate income taxes doesn't mean that they don't pay any taxes at all. Learn about the other sorts of taxes nonprofits may, or may not, pay in a brief summary of the complications of local, state and federal tax rules.

Management Support: In most states and many cities, there are nonprofit organizations that help other nonprofits with the daily challenges of their work. They offer seminars, have help-lines and webpages with useful information, and bring people together to share ideas and support each other. You can get some hints on how to find such a group, using Idealist and other tools.

Dissolution: When a nonprofit shuts down there are some specific things that need to be done.

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