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Idealist is a great platform for your organization to promote its work and find great people. With tens of thousands of visitors to the site each day, Idealist gives you a valuable opportunity to:

  • Share your mission and programs with the Idealist community
  • Find highly-qualified candidates for your open jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities
  • Promote your events
  • Connect with other organizations and individuals who share your goals

Here are our top tips to help your organization make the most of Idealist:

Your Organization's Page: Make a Good Impression! 

Your page is your public face on Idealist and you'll want it to be appealing, clear, and easy to find.

Make it appealing

  • Include your organization's logo or a photo of your work to brighten up your page and give visitors a sense of who you are.
  • Link to your blog, Twitter feed, or YouTube channel in the 'feeds' section to integrate your social media channels into your Idealist page.

Make it clear
Seeing your page on Idealist may be the first time visitors learn about your work, so don't be shy!

  • Describe your mission and programs: Who are you and what do you do?
  • Include your website. This way, people who are excited about your organization know where to go to learn more.
  • Provide a contact email address and phone number so people can get in touch with you.

Make it easy to find
Here are tips for making sure your page is viewed frequently:

  • Fill in your organization's description with relevant keywords
  • Select all relevant areas of focus from the drop-down menu
  • Choose an easily searchable location (e.g. New York, NY instead of SoHo, NY)
  • When entering your organization's name, avoid acronyms and, if you're a chapter of a larger organization, make that clear (e.g. Red Cross—New York City)

Great Listings Attract Great People 

You can use Idealist to post jobs, internships, and volunteer opportunities. To make sure your listings attract the best candidates, you'll want to make them appealing, clear, and easy to find.

Make them appealing

  • Make a good impression! Viewing your listing might be the first time someone comes across your organization.
  • Be yourself! Use a tone that reflects your organization's culture.
  • Tell us all about why this is such a great opportunity. Why should people apply?
  • Talk about all the benefits offered with the position (even internships and volunteer opportunities have benefits!). For jobs, describe your health and retirement plans if you have them, and talk about other perks. For internships and volunteer opportunities, mention benefits like gaining experience, opportunities to participate in events for free, etc.

Make them clear

  • Give a quick description of your organization. You don't just want skill fit—you want mission fit, too.
  • Give a clear, concise description of the position. Use standard terms and avoid internal jargon.
  • Be thoughtful about the qualifications you list. What are your hard requirements, and what skills would you just prefer an applicant have? You want to make sure the right people apply and know what to include in their resumes and cover letters.
  • Consider using bulleted lists instead of blocks of text. Like this!
  • Make your application instructions clear. Tell applicants exactly what materials you want. Include an email address or link to apply and make sure the address or link works!

Make them easy to find

  • Include all relevant keywords in your position's description. If you can't find a way to organically include some keywords, you'll see the option to add more later.
  • Make sure your organization's page has all the relevant areas of focus selected. These will get pulled into your job listing automatically.
  • Select all relevant job functions.
  • Choose an easily searchable location. Big cities generally get more views.
  • Include a salary range. Jobs that don't include a salary range are excluded completely from any search involving a salary range. Plus, we've found that jobs that list a salary range get more applicants, even if the range is low.

The More Administrators, the Merrier 

Who else could be an administrator of your organization's Idealist account?

Include your:

  • Communications managers
  • Human resources staff
  • Event coordinators
  • Program managers
  • Volunteer coordinators
  • Office managers
  • Accounts payable (only admins can pay invoices online!)
  • Interns

Becoming an administrator is easy. Just:

  • Go to Idealist.org
  • Click on Sign Up
  • Search for your organization
  • Go to its page
  • Click on the Become an Administrator link at the bottom
  • Send your request either to the current admins or to Idealist staff

And don't forget, you're an individual on Idealist, too! 

Every registered Idealist user has a profile waiting to be filled out. You can complete yours at Idealist.org/me.

Then connect with other individuals in the Idealist community:

  • You're awesome, and you work for a great organization. Be a resource by offering your skills and expertise.
  • Or, search Idealist for individuals who can answer your questions or partner with you on a project.
  • Remember to make your profile appealing, clear, and easy to find!