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Student volunteers

Volunteering offers students a number of benefits:

  • a chance to apply academic knowledge to real-world examples
  • develop new skills and hone the ones you've already got
  • connect with new networks in your community
  • explore various career paths

You may go into a volunteer opportunity as a blank slate, there to learn everything you can, or you can seek out an opportunity where you'll serve as the in-house expert.

For example, many organizations are looking for more ways to get involved in social networking; if you're a "digital native," fluent in Facebook and Twitter, you could help an organization get started by building social media presence, while learning how to apply your knowledge of social networks to an organization's needs.

The key here is to find a volunteer opportunity that helps you achieve your goals.

Get started

  • Check out student organizations and student affairs programs to connect students with the community.
  • Find out if your school offers service learning opportunities.
  • Consider volunteering during your breaks from school.


Here are a few websites on student volunteering that you might want to check out: