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Screening, Selecting, and Matching Volunteers

There are three pivotal components to volunteer selection: 1) the interview, 2) screening, and 3) matching. Meeting the potential volunteer for a one-on-one interview gives you the opportunity to ask more about their motivation, skills and experiences they are hoping to use and learn, and their expectations. It's also the time to begin the process of screening; for example, the individual who can't stand dogs is not the best candidate to volunteer in the kennels. More formally, there are background checks that may be applicable, especially when working with vulnerable populations like children, differently-abled individuals, or homebound seniors.

Based on the results of your interview, as well as your own personal and/or formal institutional screening, you are ready to begin matching. Is the individual a good fit for your organization? Can you offer them a volunteer position that fits their needs, wants, expectations? Will everyone be safe with this volunteer arrangement – the volunteer, the client or constituent, the organization? At the end of your assessment, you'll invite the volunteer to join your organization or suggest other organizations or opportunities that might be a better fit. Here are some resources to help you with this process: