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Jamaal Addison Motivational Foundation

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 29 sept. 2011 15:37:58


The Jamaal Addison Motivational Foundation was established in commeration of Specialist Jamaal R. Addison, the first Georgian soilder to pay the ultimate price in the Iraqi war. The organization was founded by his mother, Patricia M. Roberts, as a means of honoring his service and life. The JAMF's primary focus is to offer opportunities for positive growth and expose youth to the wide options available to them to lead successful lives.

The Jamaal Addison Motivational Foundation, Inc. is a 501c3 organization, incorporated in October 2003, under the laws of the State of Georgia. This non-profit organization will work directly with youth to provide a vehicle upon which each individual is encouraged to strive to achieve his/her highest potential. The JAMF is comprised of four basis components:

* The Jamaal Addison Youth Advancement Program

  • The Jamaal Addison Mentoring Program
  • The Jamaal Addison School Supplies Assistance Program
  • The Jamaal Addison Family Assistance Program

Jamaal Addison Bio Jamaal Rashard Addison blessed the world with his life on October 7, 1980, born to parents, Patricia M. Roberts and Kevin B. Addison. Jamaal was a quiet, yet driven young man.

Like most young men, Jamaal enoyed sports and music. However, his love of video games spurred his interest in computers. Jamaal's expertise in computer technology excelled, thereby, creating a desire to become a computer techician and eventually own his own computer business.

Jamaal was an excellent student, maintaining an honor role status throughout his academic experience. He graduated from Lakeside High School in Tucker, Georgia.

Motivated by the opportunity to gain training as a computer technican and better provide for his family, Jamaal joined the United States Army in the year 2000. He spent a year in Korea, before he was sent to the Middle East in the first days of the Iraqi war.

While in Iraq, Jamaal was traveling with the 507th Maintenace Company when the convoy took a wrong turn and was ambushed. On that fateful day, March 23, 2003, Specialist Jamaal R. Addison's life came to a premature end.

Jamaal loved his family, had a caring spirit, an shared his loving energy with the world.
Jamaal would be pleased to know that his untimely death resulted in the creation of the Jamaal Addison Motivational Foundation, such a wonderful venue for youth and future generations.

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