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Futureperfect is a collaboration platform to increase engagement in real sustainable living. Futureperfect believes real sustainable living can be an adventure in truly living well. Futureperfect creates inspirational explorations of themes of sustainable living for newcomers and experts. Futureperfect brings music, art, and creativity to the centre of sustainable living


A world where sustainable living is seen as living well - natural, aspirational, universal.


Sustainable living, and the principles of sustainability, are not mainstream and aspirational for all - although 'sustainability' appears everywhere. Serious debates are abstract, negative, unengaging, while 'green living' is a consumerist distraction, Key industries - culture, technology, finance - are not involved or are in denial about their negative, and potentially positive, roles.


FuturePerfect delivers events and experiences around the amazing potential of sustainable living. These create new opportunities for personal and organisational inspiration and engagement, leading to new avenues for societal shift. The following are the features of these experiences:

Better Conversation - exploring sustainable living for experts and newcomers Long-term Engagement - people and professionals committing to rewarding, mainstream actions Quality Experience - music, art, performance, creativity at the heart of sustainable living New Profile for sustainability - sustainable living communicated in more creative and attractive ways



Date de fondation : 21 June 2012

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