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Travel to Teach Costa Rica

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 6 juil. 2010 08:20:25


Travel to Teach is a non-profit organisation, which provides affordable volunteering opportunities teaching English and Computer skills but also helping in areas such as environment and social and ethnical programs.
We work according to the ethical guidelines for volunteering as they are formulated in http://www.ethicalvolunteering.org/index.html.

Travel to Teach's mission is to:

1.Provide valuable working opportunities for our volunteers.
2.Ensure genuine experiences of different cultures at a cost that most travelers can afford.
3.Teach English and Computer Skills to the poorer parts of the world where too little education is provided.

Travel to Teach has no external funding; our participating volunteers pay for their stay and help support and expand the programs we run with their fees. We are religiously, politically and in every other aspect completely independent.

By selecting a limited amount of programs to work with we ensure that we will have a continuing presence where we decide to work. and by having "in country" and "farang" staff at our programs we ensure a keen monitoring of the quality of the programs.

The benefits from volunteering with Travel to Teach are:

  • You will learn to handle unknown situations.
  • You will work within another culture.
  • The work you do will bring you closer to people of the country you visit.
  • You will learn about yourself while learning about others.
  • You will get memories and find friends for life.
  • And you will make a difference to many people's lives in the process.

Travel to Teach has programs running in Bolivia, Ecuador, Mexico, Costa Rica, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia.

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