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The mission of the Department of Financial Regulation is to promote and assure the financial health, stability, quality and integrity of Vermont financial service providers and to effectively manage the transition of health care regulatory functions from the Department to the Green Mountain Care Board. The Department also strives to secure full access for Vermonters to financial and health care services and to protect the public through the consistent enforcement of the laws and regulations necessary to the operation of a healthy and responsible marketplace and through consumer outreach and education programs. The Department achieves its mission through activities including:

  • Licensing, registering, and chartering individuals and entities under the supervision of the Commissioner
  • Conducting examinations and audits of Vermont regulated individuals and entities
  • Providing consumer protection, assistance and education
  • Requiring industry regulatory filings for evaluation, response and approval
  • Investigating violations and enforcing Vermont law and regulation
  • Promoting cost containment in health care through activities including the review of capital expenditure and hospital budgets
  • Providing data and analysis to advance public policy discussions at state and federal level
  • Cooperating with other state, federal and international regulators and law enforcement agencies
  • Responding to evolving markets, trends and legislative initiatives through implementation of efficient and responsible regulation


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