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Local Earth

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Dernière mise à jour : 4 févr. 2013 19:24:07


Vision – A social movement of global citizens cultivating healthy, happy and sustainable local communities! The Local Earth Collective inspires healthy lifestyles in relationship to self, community & Planet.

Why- Let's take a real look at our local & global community, and ask ourselves how we got here?! Our present human behaviors are leading to environmental degradation, rapid depletion of natural resources, alarming loss of plant & animal biodiversity, failing economic systems and political instability. Our collective actions have resulted in unsustainable population growth, sky-rocketing consumption rates, unrealistic energy demands and dependency on fossil fuels.

Local Earth inspires us to come together as community; and work together to address both the local & global challenges we are facing as a society. With creativity, cooperation & collaboration we can create innovative and viable solutions. *Added Bonus – It is more fun & feels good to work together as a community! We can not do this alone.*

What - Local Earth is a social movement led by activated local citizens to create communities with a healthy balance of self-reliance and interdependence. The platform is providing people in every neighborhood, town and country around the world the ability to work together towards a common vision; a healthy, happy and environmentally sustainable planet.

How - The Community Resilience Program is designed to inspire, educate, empower and activate local citizens. The Local Earth Handbook is a step-by-step guide to sustainable transition in existing communities; and forward-thinking solutions for future community development.

Who - Local Action Groups are formed by inspired members of the collective who have a strong desire to create positive change in a specific area. This provides people in any community with simple and effective ways to get involved with meaningful local projects. The Handbook empowers anyone-anywhere with the necessary information, guidance and tools to start a Local Action Group in their community.

Where - Local Earth is a global movement intended to inspire sustainable local action in communities everywhere! There is currently Local Earth activity in California, Colorado, Oregon, Montana, Haiti, Costa Rica & Switzerland.

When - Our pilot community has been in action for over a year now in San Diego, CA. Soley Leve is a community development project in Cite Soleil, Haiti that has been forming for the last several months. The Local Earth Festival is intended to kick-off in 2014!

Annonces de Local Earth

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  • Eagle & Condor Project Management - Mission bénévole

    Dernière mise à jour :
    23 juin 2014
    Zone géographique :
    San Diego, CA, US
    Description :
    Greetings Friends!!! We are getting ready to launch The Eagle & Condor Project in July and would be so appreciative for some assistance with management of this...

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San Diego, CA, 92107, US
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