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Friends of Eliya, USA

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 23 oct. 2012 14:52:35


Friends of Eliya, USA supports the Israel Association for the Advancement of the blind or visually impaired children in Israel.


- To prepare blind / visually-impaired children for integration into mainstream education and the community at large. - To provide early intervention programs for blind / visually-impaired multi-challenged children, adapted to their individual needs and abilities. - To strengthen and support the family unit through individual and group counseling.

Company Overview

Eliya Israel, founded in 1982, is the principal organization in Israel providing full-week specialist programs to meet the needs of preschool blind and visually impaired children, and is now considered a leading center of its kind in the world.


Eliya's programs, help enable visually impaired children to assimilate into the general educational system at an early age and become contributing members of society. Eliya has developed a uniquely successful methodology that nurtures and trains newly born children with visual handicaps. Utilizing a one-on-one therapy with educators, and specially trained teaching staff. Eliya is a recognized leader in the innovation of new systems and technologies that are being utilized worldwide.

General Information

Many volunteers - students, soldiers, people from the business sector, retirees - donate their time and energy in a wide range of activities at Eliya's three centers. The Petach Tikva branch - covers the whole central region. The Be'er Sheva branch - covers the south of the country. ... The Jerusalem branch - covers Israel's capital and surrounding areas. The three centers operate six days a week from 07:30 – 15:30.

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