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Greenleaf Advisors, LLC and Greenleaf Communities, NFP

Entreprise sociale

Dernière mise à jour : 18 déc. 2014 03:41:41


Greenleaf Advisors® is a consulting and transaction-services firm that builds sustainable enterprises and communities by bridging them to the resources and strategies they need to develop in a healthy way. We engage at the intersection of capital, business, science and policy to serve organizations that address the sustainable use of Earth's natural resources. Our mission is to to develop a healthy society by creating business strategies and nurturing partnerships that reduce adverse impact to the global environment and raise the quality of life for all.

As an affiliated organization, Greenleaf Communities was established in 2011 as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization to conduct primary research and apply the findings in ways that reduce environmentally-mediated causes of disease (e.g., cancer). Environmental impacts on water and food security, together with events related to climate change, are likely to influence population movements and exacerbate disease, adversely affecting human health. Greenleaf Communities recruits and leads multidisciplinary teams of scientists from academia, government and industry, plus technologists and community leaders working across disciplines, to change practices and eliminate toxic exposure from food, water, air and urban environments.

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    Lauren Moy

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    West Islip, NY, US
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    Lindsey Croasdale

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    Chicago, IL, US
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    John Andersen

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    Chicago, IL, US


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100 N. Riverside Plaza, Suite 1670, Chicago, IL, 60606, US


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