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Third Eye Volunteer Nepal

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 11 sept. 2012 17:34:58

10 mars 2012 14:59:49
volunteer a dit
Ideal Statement The world would be better place if we act. Vision Create Happy Community Happy community comprises with the condition of soc


Third Eye Volunteer Nepal(TEV- Nepal) is a non profit-making, non religious, non-political social organization of volunteerism , established in 2008 in Kathmandu, Nepal . It always seeks and contributes for the environment on co-ordination, co-operation, partnership & participation in ever and everywhere. Third Eye Volunteers (TEV) is a Nepal based, Nepali run organization that provides volunteers incredible experience to response services to communities in need. Our programs are directed to the need of each community with whom we work, ensuring a timely relevant and culturally sensitive response. Our dynamic energy, endearing quirkiness and unwavering compassion enable us to connect volunteers with communities that need help the most We provide different services like Placements in school, orphanages, Buddhist monasteries, Women groups, Hospitals and Health clinics, Health internship, construction works for community organizations , working with disabled peoples, elderly peoples and more…

Our unique position as a Nepali run organization means we know our country better and this allows us to reduce over heads, yet still provide fantastic service equal to the high cost international agencies. From the very first day of our volunteers' arrival until your departure from Nepal, we do everything possible to make sure our volunteers will have a safe, meaningful and pleasant stay. We make sure all our volunteers are well prepared before beginning work as a volunteer, we provide you orientations, training in Nepali language, culture, work practices and guided sight-seeing.

We are flexible in providing you your chosen work and we provide you programs that combine multiple projects. We have long experience in this field.

We provide wider range of locations all over Nepal in general and mostly in places like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Ghalegaun village,Dahare village, Annapurna region, Everest region, Langtang region and more… We provide services in minimum cost including fooding, cultural programs, accommodation, accommodations, home stay facilities and more… Safety of you is our topmost concern so we ensure that you will be safe with us .We guarantee you that you will be placed in safe environment. Till this day we have no any evidence that any of our volunteers feeling unsafe.

We along with volunteering services provide you Trekking and tour services ,ticketing services and many more from our sister organization Good Karma Trekking which is reliable and affordable with excellent services for those interested in treks and tours in Nepal as mix of volunteering and tour/trek package.

Annonces de volunteer

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  • Agriculture volunteer program - Mission bénévole

    Dernière mise à jour :
    22 juil. 2014
    Zone géographique :
    kathmandu, Pashchimanchal, Népal
    Description :
    Have home stay experience in the cultural villages like Ghale gaun, siurung of lamjung Nepal and volunteering in agricultural program. Your duty will be to he...

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thamel, bhagwatibahal, kathmandu, Népal
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