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Social Solutions

Consultant/Vendeur pour Organisations à buts non lucratifs

Dernière mise à jour : 17 juil. 2013 20:40:57


Social Solutions is the leading provider of performance management software for human services, connecting efforts to outcomes, people to social services, and service providers and communities to funders. The company's Efforts to Outcomes (ETO™) software goes beyond case management and electronic medical records, enabling public, private, and nonprofit organizations, such as Harlem Children's Zone, Catholic Charities, YWCA, United Way, Goodwill, Annie E. Casey Foundation, the Social Service Administration, the US Department of Health and Human Services, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Boulder County, and cities such as Boston and Hartford to collaborate, save time and improve service quality and effectiveness. Thousands of service providers, collaboratives, funders, evaluators, and government organizations use our software as they work with over 4 million consumers each day. Their successes have made Social Solutions the leading provider of youth, family, workforce, education, housing, HMIS, HPRP, domestic violence, health, and collaborative, community based software. Social Solutions is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, with an enterprise-wide platform for coordinating service delivery, and full support for the Results Based Accountability framework.

Social Solutions' Efforts to Outcomes (ETO™) software was designed by human services professionals for human services professionals. We understand your language, your needs, and your commitment. With thousands of customers, years of experience, and a passion for advancing the effectiveness of human service organizations, Social Solutions will help you to celebrate the daily victories of your service staff while exceeding your mission's expectations.

Social Solutions believes that connected and coordinated service delivery requires changing the way we view and support three key elements:

Connecting People to Services Connecting Efforts to Outcomes Connecting Communities to Stakeholders

Standing on their own, each is insufficient to ensure lasting change; but delivered together these 3 elements hold the key to transforming human service delivery across communities. It's not sufficient to fund the right programs. Those programs must reach the right people at the right time with the right services across communities – but even within programs, they must be carefully managed so the right efforts are applied towards measurable goals to create lasting outcomes that drive the community forward.

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    Ellen Just

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    Glen Burnie, MD, US
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    isabel musial

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    Kanab, UT, US
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    Laura Chen

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    Austin, TX, US
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    Ashleigh DeFries

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    New York, NY, US
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    Ashiyan Rahmani

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    Texcoco, Estado de México, Mexique
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    Emily Megnin

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    Baltimore, MD, US
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