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Philadelphia Public School Notebook

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 1 nov. 2010 12:26:32


The Philadelphia Public School Notebook is an independent, nonprofit news service serving thousands of supporters of the Philadelphia public schools. The Notebook serves as an information source and voice for parents, students, teachers, and other members of the community who are working for quality and equality in Philadelphia's public schools.

A group of concerned parents, teachers, and community members committed to improving public education founded the Notebook as a quarterly newspaper in 1994. We remain an independent journalistic enterprise, with nonprofit status backed by foundation and donor / member support.

Over our 16-year history, we have developed into a widely read and respected resource. Our newspaper has a circulation of 60,000 copies. Most of these are distributed free of charge through each Philadelphia public school and Free Library branch as well as through charter schools and over 250 community organizations.

Each issue of the Notebook focuses on a theme of vital importance to public education in Philadelphia and contains both news and commentary in English and Spanish. The Notebook publishes the newspaper six times per year, a monthly NEWSFLASH, a daily blog, and community events and dialogues about education and education reform. Learn more about our offerings here.

The Notebook's mission is to promote informed public involvement in the Philadelphia public schools and to contribute to the development of a strong movement for educational change in the city.

By providing information and analysis of educational issues, we support the efforts of parents, teachers, students, and communities to organize for improved conditions in their schools. We maintain a daily-updated website www.thenotebook.org, publish a print edition six times per year, and send out a monthly e-newsletter.

Annonces de Philadelphia Public

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  • Development Director - Emploi

    Dernière mise à jour :
    15 août 2014
    Zone géographique :
    Philadelphia, PA, US
    Description :
    Lead the Philadelphia Public School Notebook's work to increase individual and institutional giving through major donor and membership campaigns, fundraising ev...

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Contacts de Philadelphia Public

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    Timothy Cravens image

    Timothy Cravens

    Zone géographique :
    Philadelphia, PA, US
    Katherine Healey image

    Katherine Healey

    Zone géographique :
    Philadelphia, PA, US
    Autres informations :
    Paul image


    Zone géographique :
    Philadelphia, PA, US
    Autres informations :


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3721 Midvale Avenue, Philadelphia, PA, 19129, US



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