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CDHS offers outcome-based, job-related training programs with all of these important characteristics:

Competency-based focus that brings "the right people to the right training at the right time"
Manager-trainer-trainee partnerships that reinforce learning
"Before, during, and after" training strategies that ensure transfer of learning directly to the job
Outcome-based curricula that identify best practice goals, worker abilities, and measurable results
Innovative training technologies, including multimedia, CD-ROM, teleconferencing, and e-learning
Evaluation of the impact of training on workforce performance—including interactive, real-time electronic evaluation that provides immediate participant feedback
Collaborative partnerships with academic and subcontractor agencies that contribute current research and "real world" input into training content and design
Integration of training into the overall organizational climate, with attention to agency programs and goals
Organizational assessment consultations to determine whether training is the most immediate need
Technical assistance in organizational development, program planning, leadership development, and coaching




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