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Youth Initiative for Community Empowerment

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

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YouthInitiativeforCommunityEmpowerment (YICE) is a registered women and youth empowerment initiative in Central Uganda. Aiming to empower vulnerable women and young people both economically and socially, it provides four core services:

1) Training vulnerable women and out-of-school girls in farming as a business

2) Advancing sexual and reproductive health as well as HIV/AIDS rights

3) Conducting youth vocational and skills development trainings

4) Integrated care and support for orphans and other high-risk children

Founded in 2010, YICE began by organizing focus group discussions to better understand clients' needs. It quickly identified women as a hard-to-reach group that needed specific intervention. They determined that many widows and out-of-school girls in Uganda live in poverty and depend on subsistence farming. Most of these women are illiterate, marginalized in their communities or come from abusive homes.

Early on, the initiative supported 10 widows and 5 out-of-school girls to establish small farming enterprises, produce vegetables, grow local poultry and rear pigs. In the future, YICE is planning to organize financial literacy programs to build the capacity of vulnerable women even more.

YICE's impact:

Since its inception, YICE has enabled widows and out-of-school girls to establish sustainable farming businesses. With the income gained from selling products, these women expand their enterprises, and buy food, soap, paraffin, clothes, and school supplies for orphaned children. Several of the out-of-school girls are expected to earn between $30 to $70 monthly from eggs through their local chicken enterprises.

Additionally, the organization has trained mothers as peers educators in sexual and reproductive health. These trainees have reached 860 households in 10 villages with information on sexual reproductive health, HIV/AIDS and maternal health. As a result, 160 people have been tested for HIV/AIDS, including 91 mothers. These numbers will continue to climb as the organization grows and becomes more established.

During YICE's focus group discussions, a total of 247 orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) were identified. The needs of these women and children were assessed, and their capacities were improved through OVC workshops and seminars. 198 were provided with clothes and school supplies collected through a YICE Fundraising Campaign.

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    YICE Uganda

    Zone géographique :
    Sub saharan Africa, UG.107, Ouganda
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    Noah Ssempijja image

    Noah Ssempijja

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    Kampala, UG.107, Ouganda


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Kyakatebe Trading Center, Kampala Mubende High way, Kampala, UG.107, Ouganda
Date de fondation :
May 2011


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