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The Josue Pierre-Paul Foundation (FONJOP), initially called Pierre-Paul Christian Initiative (PCI), was founded in August 2004 and aims to support young adults to take themselves in charge through education, enterpreneurship and investment.

The Foundation has supported several hundreds of children to go to school, learn a profession, assimilate the enterpreneurship technics and build their own businesses. Hurt by the January 2010 earthquake, we still focus on our mail objectives in spite of the difficulties.

We aim to extend our work all over the country. But by now, we concentrate our work in Southern Haiti, especially in Jacmel. We develop activities in tourism and culture too.



Date de fondation : August 3, 2009

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Numéro de téléphone : (509) 31 09 9715

Adresse :
Rue Exina Gilles, Jacmel, Jacmel, Jacmel, Sud-Est, Haïti

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