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The Mint Resource Center

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Dernière mise à jour : 5 juin 2014 22:44:46


Our Mission: canvass

Texans Together Education Fund facilitates the opportunity for civic engagement in underserved neighborhoods by working alongside residents to help them develop essential civic skills and build upon their own strengths to achieve the improvements their community wants and needs.

What we do

Today's Harris County isn't the old Harris County. Our county of over 4 million people is one of the nation's most diverse. Many of our County's resident are not civically engaged in improving our community because they lack the opportunity and support. Different issues affect different communities. By canvassing neighborhoods, Texan Together learns from the community what matters to them and works with residents, organizational partners, and local leaders to develop community led initiatives that are unique to each neighborhood's concerns and strengths.

We have a program "Apartment as Communities" that is in need of volunteers to work with children after-school, homework help, outdoor activites, art and various other projects for children and adults. We are located at 6700 S. Dairy Ashford 409# across from Elsik and Hastings High School, beween Bellaire and Alief Clodine.

Thank you in advance for you interest in volunteering with us feel free to stop by and apply to volunteer between the hours of 12-5:530 M-F. 18 and older will need to submit to a background check due to working with children. you can contact me at 713-427-2320.

We are open to services, activites or various other programs and opportunities that you can offer children or adults.

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    Lori Dunn

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    Houston, TX, US


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6700 S. Dairy Ashford, 409, Houston, TX, 77072, US
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