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The Sueno Yoshida Foundationis is a private, independent foundation established in 2012 by Dr. Mieko Davey, and a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in the State of Florida. The Foundation provides educational opportunities, tools, and support to youth and all other people.

Mrs. Sueno Yoshida, philanthropist, a resident of Kobe, Japan, owned a successful business, and was known as a leading figure in promoting equality of rights for women in her community in the late 1970's. She valued higher learning and encouraged other men and women to be educated in college and graduate schools.

The Sueno Yoshida Foundation honors her memory and continues her work to assist students who wish to further their education at accredited educational institutions.

Film, Video and Music Productions

The Foundation has produced the following videos, available to view by typing each title of the videos at Music for each video was composed, recorded, and produce by Dr. Davey.

Video 1: 2015 Jeffrey Scott Davey Aviation Art Contest.

Video 2: Jeffrey Scott Davey.

Video 3: Flying My Blackbird.

Video 4: 2016 Aviation Art Contest (Theme: Spaceflight).

Video 5: 2015 Jeffrey Scott Davey Aviation Art Contest Winners. 

Video 6: Spaceflight - Piano.

Video 7: Flying My Blackbird SR-71.

Video 8: Fantasy September 2015 by SYF - 2016 Aviation Art Contest.

Video 9: A Sea Gull and Waves.

Video 10: A Sea Gull and Waves (Part 2).

Video 11: Fantasy October 2015 by SYF.

Video 12: A Sea Gull - Piano.

Video 13: Jeffrey's Adventures: Top Secret.

Video 14: Fantasy November 2015 - Top Secret.

Video 15: Himeji Castle - Piano.

As a part of its mission, the Foundation provides professional services for music composition, arrangement, and song-writing for any instrument for any music, available upon a request.

Interpreter and Translator Services for the Japanese Language
As a part of its mission, the Foundation provides interpreter and translator services for the Japanese language to citizens of the U.S. or Japan. The specializations include Interpretation (Conferences, Court Cases, Depositions, Press Conferences, Teleconferencing, etc.) and certified Translations (birth certificates, court records, scholastic records, etc.) available upon a request. 

Mission: Our mission is to help young people of exceptional promise reach their full potential through education by providing scholarships, instruction, youth training, other educational activities and professional services.


Our vision is a dynamic and diverse community with innovative and unconventional approaches to learning that provides meaningful and educational opportunities through life.

Designated Member's Name Title e-mail address

Dr. Mieko Davey, Executive Director, e-mail:

Dr. Mieko Davey is a former college professor, and professional pianist/composer and Court Interpreter/Translator in Japanese/English. She has taught in the fields of Educational Foundations, Teacher Education, American History, Political Science, English, Music, and Art at Colleges, Universities, and K-12 schools. She holds five college degrees including a B.A. in Piano Performance, a M.A. in American History and a Doctorate in Educational Management.

Mr. Brent Davey, Director/Publicist

Mr. Davey is an educator with 25 years of experience in the field of Public Health, and professional photographer and master Karate practitioner. He was the chairman of the Venetian Sunset Park Project Committee for the City of Panama City in Florida from 1995 through the dedication of a new City Park on November 10 in 1998. He made an impossible dream to come true with the great support of then City Commissioner Bob Barnard.



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