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1.0 History of organization

In 2004, some like-minded youths with different backgrounds and work cultures came together, in a Samaritan spirit, and discussed the formation of a non-governmental organization (NGO) that will address many pressing issues relating to children, women and other development issues. After much discussion, an NGO named "Indian Dreams Foundation" (IDF) was formed and subsequently registered on January 24, 2005 with a mission to impact the lives of less privileged people, especially children, enabling them to maximize their potential and change their lives. IDF works primarily in the field of education, health, women empowerment etc. IDF is addressing these development issues through awareness and educating people of under privileged communities.

1.1 About the Founder:

Punit Asthana, who founded Indian Dreams Foundation, is an ordinary youth driven by an extraordinary dream - the dream that not a single human being should be deprived of fundamental rights such as survival, participation, protection and development.

The chief functionary of the organization has come out of a difficult childhood( Lost his father at the Age 10) and so was particularly keen to do something worthwhile for the education of the underprivileged. Punit is deeply moved by the disparities that exist between privileged and underprivileged children.

All the other members showed an equal zeal to do it. That is how the educational campaign "Nayi Disha -Mujhe Padna Hai" TM became the major focus of the organization. The Campaign is preceded with a lot of research work done on the target areas and beneficiaries like reasons for not going to school or dropping out of school etc. They started this Campaign to improve the quality of education and provide opportunity of education to all children.

IDF's members believe in good governance and total dedication; they are implementing their activities with very limited financial resources.

2.0 "Indian Dreams Foundation" Vision, Mission Statement and Objectives

2.1 "Indian Dreams Foundation" Vision

The Vision of IDF is to develop "a healthy and educated society".

2.2 "Indian Dreams Foundation" Mission Statement

The Mission Statement of IDF is to develop, build and strengthen individual, family, institutional and community initiatives for overall development through meaningful partnerships.

2.3 "Indian Dreams Foundation" Objectives

The specific objectives of IDF are:

• Spread awareness among the children and their parents to the importance of education

• Establish learning centers for deprived children

• Provide vocational and employment based education to adolescents

• Enroll dropouts and deprived children in formal school setting

• Adopt school programs

• Mobilize and energize the community to ensure community involvement for the

Overall development of the community

• Provide incentives and rewards to the best students based on the performance



Date de fondation : 24/01/2005

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