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Hispanic Health Coalition of Georgia

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Dernière mise à jour : 17 oct. 2013 09:11:14


Founded June, The Hispanic Healthcare Coalition of Georgia's mission is to promote health equity for all Hispanics by empowering, educating and advocating for healthy communities throughout Georgia.

Together with its members (both health-related and non-health centered organizations and professionals), HHCGA identifies needs and service gaps leading to health disparities for Georgia Hispanics and offers direct community services as well as supportive activities to help its members improve the health wellbeing of Georgia Latinos.

How do we promote health equity for all?

Promoting Health in Georgia's Latino Communities

Through its health promoters initiative, HHCGA trains lay health educators who serve as a bridge between community members and health care services.

Building Capacity Among Health Professionals

HHCGA informs individuals and agencies on current health disparities and ways to reduce these disparities. As part of its efforts, HHCGA offers skills development services to organizations who desire to provide high quality, culturally and linguistically appropriate services.

Informing Policy

As a leading voice in Georgia on Latino health issues, HHCGA works with key decision makers to develop policies that lead to better health outcomes for Latinos, benefiting all Georgians.

Disseminating Research

Through its Latino Health Summit and other activities, HHCGA disseminates relevant research concerning Latino health. In addition, HHCGA participates in research projects in conjunction with national organizations and Georgia universities.

Visit Latino Health Summit site

Connecting Health Professionals

Through membership, HHCGA offers health related as well as other individuals and organizations opportunities to coordinate services in an effort to eliminate health disparities among Georgiaís Latinos.

Uniting For Action

Statewide workgroups meet regularly and work together to implement the Latino Health Action Plan, a three-year plan to address critical issues and improve access to healthcare for Latinos in Georgia.

Check our calendar for quarterly meetings and events

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