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Paul Public Charter School

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The mission of Paul Public Charter School is to educate our students and to develop in them the capacity to be responsible citizens, independent thinkers, and leaders. Paul PCS, located in Northwest Washington, DC, serves students in middle and high school and is the home of the "M.E.R.I.T. Scholars" (motivated, educated, responsible, independent thinker). Beginning in the middle grades, MERIT Scholars experience a rigorous academic curriculum, coupled with arts and athletic opportunities to develop a firm foundation to eventually enter our college preparatory program at Paul International High School.


To achieve our mission at Paul Public Charter School, we strive to accomplish the following goals:

  • Offer a rigorous academic curriculum
  • Encourage an appreciation of the Arts and participation in Athletics through curricular integration and an enriching Extended Day program
  • Raise an awareness for community and global issues
  • Encourage a cooperative and collaborative work ethic
  • Foster a desire for life-long learning, engagement and positive leadership
  • Ensure that our scholars graduate from high school and college and are globally competent

Paul PCS provides a structured, yet nurturing environment, through an extensive character education model, individualized course placement, and an array of support services. A myriad of after school activities and clubs allow students to explore hobbies and interests, including athletics, mentoring organizations, music and dance, media and technology, visual arts, and more. Paul PCS has high expectations and believes that success in the middle and high school years is realized by providing a rigorous academic program, a deliberate exposure to the arts and athletics, and an emphasis on character development and leadership.

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