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New York City Food Project

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 20 avr. 2009 10:50:56


we are a group of food justice and urban agriculture activists working to ensure that people of all walks of life have access to fresh, nutritious, and environmentally-sound food. as part of this mission, we run a CSA (community-supported agriculture group) in partnership with Bluestockings on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and are pursuing several urban ag initiatives, including rooftop and backyard gardens and ultimately an upstate CNG farm. we believe in reconnecting people with their food sources, empowering them through their eating decisions and ability to grow food, and improving the health of all people of NYC. we support local and sustainable agriculture both within and outside of the city.

as a feminist project, we are resolutely opposed to any form of racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, and hold ourselves in opposition to capitalism and all other forms of oppression. we believe in an egalitarian and ecological society and culture, and the actualization of that through our works and through solidarity with other radical organizations and activists around the world. as a collectively-run project we strive to be as democratic as possible.

some of our current projects: (check back often for updates!)
- secure scholarships for young women on the lower east side to access nutritious local food.
- making all educational material we distribute multilingual.
- creating a network of rooftop and community garden farmers that share their harvest (loosely based on the CSA model–but without the capital).
- diabetes prevention actions.
- workshops and lectures on the intersections of food justice and feminism.

got some ideas for things we should do? we'd love to hear what you think. criticism, discussion, ideas for workshops or initiatives–send it all to feedback@nycfoodproject.org.

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    Amaury Avalos

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    New York, NY, US
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    Marissa Moschetta

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    Philadelphia, PA, US
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    Katherine Healey

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    Philadelphia, PA, US
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    Tiffany Sellinger

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    New York City, NY, US
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    Brooklyn, NY, US
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