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Dernière mise à jour : 8 sept. 2012 09:14:46


Mission statement: To bring a voice and platform to the needs of indigenous, ethnic, and monastic communities. Our programs and partnerships are the vessel to accomplish this.

We are currently an LLC in the process of obtaining our non-profit status. We work in Northern Thailand and Bhutan. Our main program is the 'Wat Doi Saket project' and it is a cultural exchange opportunity that places participant's to live and teach English to Buddhist monks. The main goal is to improve the conversational English of novice monks. Outside of that we strive to expose volunteers to authentic Thai culture, Buddhism, and meditation. We are working with a network of eighteen Buddhist temples, three government schools (public schools), and one hill-tribe village school.

In addition to the Wat Doi Saket project, we have three current projects that we are promoting/fundraising for.

Construction of school for under-privileged children

-Working in tandem with a local Foundation the goal is to build a school with dormitories for K-12. The focus would be on providing a safe and healthy environment for at risk youth, orphans, and under-privileged children to receive an education.

Scholarships for monks

-Funding novice monks to complete high school and University. We have a local committee that controls and regulates the scholarships.

Monk Chats

-Monk chats are live videoconferences via skype with the Buddhist monks with whom we work. It is a great way to learn about Buddhism and Thai culture first hand. All money raised goes directly towards our scholarships.

We are also striving to create an international community. You can read more here -> http://www.atmaseva.org/index.php?option=com_pages&id=137


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