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Founded in 2005 and based in Bangalore, Meta-Culture is South Asia's first specialized organization dedicated to the field and practice of conflict resolution, consensus building, relationship management, and dialogue. We endeavor to build peaceable and sustainable communities by changing how people address conflict and make decisions. Meta-Culture is applying the best methodologies in the field of conflict resolution to change the culture of discourse in society. We transform unproductive and destructive debate into a productive exchange of information, ideologies, and ideas.

Our aim is to help conflicting stakeholders first understand and respect each other's perspectives, and then apply their diverse thinking to joint problem solving. The result is better decision-making, more sustainable agreements, smarter policies, and stronger and more peaceable communities.

Instead of applying a single strategy to all situations, we use a variety of methodologies, including situation assessment, mediation, dialogue facilitation, consensus building, skill building, and dispute management system design. We believe such a flexible and integrated approach is necessary to address dynamic and changing social issues.

Meta-Culture works with a variety of individuals and groups including communities, national and multi‐national companies, NGOs, governments, academic and faith-based institutions, and other local, national, and international organizations.

To learn more about Meta‐Culture please visit: www.meta‐culture.in

MetaCulture is the proud recipient of the 2010 Outstanding Leadership Award from the Association for Conflict Resolution's (ACR) International Development Committee.

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    Erin Priestley image

    Erin Priestley

    Zone géographique :
    Waterloo, ON, Canada
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    Michael Oghia image

    Michael Oghia

    Zone géographique :
    Bangalore, Karnataka, Inde
    Autres informations :
    Fonda González image

    Fonda González

    Zone géographique :
    Portland, OR, US
    Autres informations :
    ashok image


    Zone géographique :
    Bangalore, IN
    Autres informations :
    Rachel image


    Zone géographique :
    Bangalore, IN
    Autres informations :
    Beth image


    Zone géographique :
    Bangalore, IN
    Autres informations :


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Numéro de téléphone :
+91 80 4153 1868
Adresse :
Bangalore, Karnataka, Inde
Date de fondation :
May 5, 2005


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