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Support the Chidren Uganda

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 18 déc. 2014 01:44:12


Support the Children Uganda--is a non-political, non-profit and non-government organization dedicated to supporting children living in vulnerable conditions such as refugee camps, hard-to-reach and remote communities in Uganda.--

The organization was founded in 2007 with a mission of contributing to the general welfare/welbeing of children living in disadvantaged communities. Currently the organization's focus is on reaching out to children living in refugee camps in Southwestern Uganda.


Nakivale Refugee camp project

Located in Southwestern Uganda in Isingiro district, Nakivale is one of the Africa's oldest and largest refugee settlement area. According to the UN Refugee agency (UNHCR), Nakivale is home to over 56,000 refugees from Congo DRC, Somalia, Eritrea, Sudan, and asylum seekers from Rwanda, Burundi and Ethiopia.

--Nakivale is more than a temporary settlement because some children have been born here and have reached the youth age while still living in the camp. Resources to provide for the basic needs are being over stretched due to the increasing influx of new settlers who are continually running away from insecurity or persecution from their home countries. The camp is estimated to have 28,000 children for which some were brought by their parents while others were born in the camp.--

Volunteer placements and Internships. Support the Children Uganda has volunteer and internship placements for those interested in contributing to making an impact in the lives of children living in a refugee camp. Our placements are in the following areas:-

1. Project Coordinator

2. Project Officer

Volunteer and Internship Fees

If you are interested in taking up a volunteer or internship project with Support the Children, you will be expected to meet a project fee of 200 US$ per week. The project fee covers your accommodation, meals, cultural and language orrientation, plus 24 hour support by the staff.

Minimum and Maximum time for volunteering or interning

Our volunteer placements range from a minimum of one month to a maximum of six months and this applies to intership placements.

To apply send your resume and application letter to; admin@stcuganda.org

You do not need previous experience to volunteer with us though it is an advantage if you have it. If you are ok with working with children, Support the Children will find you anything to do in order to make an impact in the lives of the children living in a refugee camp. Just send us your resume and application.

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Date de fondation : 2007

Adresse e-mail : Identifiez-vous pour voir ces adresses e-mail

Sites web :

Numéro de téléphone : +256789532928

Adresse :
Katabi Entebbe Rd, P.O.Box 30054, Entebbe, UG.102, Ouganda, 256


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