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DC Vote

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Dernière mise à jour : 5 juin 2014 19:13:27


Founded in 1998, DC Vote is an award-winning organization dedicated to securing full voting representation in Congress and full democracy for the more than half a million residents of the District of Columbia. Americans living in our nation's capital pay full federal taxes, fight and die in wars and serve on juries, but are denied voting representation in the House and the Senate.

While DC residents have an elected mayor and city council, all locally passed laws must be reviewed by Congress and the local budget must be sent to Congress for affirmative approval. In many cases, Congress has attempted to include noxious riders on the budget that overrule decisions of the local government. DC Vote is working to end this injustice and to protect DC's local democracy.

As the recognized leader and go-to source of information on the DC voting rights movement, we:

  • advocate for enactment of critical DC voting rights legislation
  • educate Americans across the nation about DC's status
  • work to prevent congressional interference in DC's local democracy
  • organize our supporters to contact Congress through call-in days, letter-writing campaigns and face-to-face advocacy
  • engage our coalition partners, supporters and pro bono lobbyists to educate Congress
  • serve as a resource to elected officials, the media and public

Our efforts led to the historic Senate passage of the DC Voting Rights Act (H.R.157/S.160) on February 26, 2009. We continue to research and explore legislation to provide full local democracy and to make Washington, DC the 51st state in the union. With voting representation equal to that of other Americans, DC will be better empowered to end congressional interference in local matters, have an equal vote on important national issues and tackle local problems with more resources and greater freedom.

Annonces de DC Vote

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  • Communications Internship - Stage

    Dernière mise à jour :
    14 août 2014
    Zone géographique :
    Washington, DC, US
    Description :
    As a Communications Intern with DC Vote, you will have the opportunity to gain experience in the field of marketing, web design, photography, advocacy, advertis...
  • Outreach Internship - Stage

    Dernière mise à jour :
    13 août 2014
    Zone géographique :
    Washington, DC, US
    Description :
    The DC Vote Outreach Intern will gain hands-on experience in the areas of public policy, issue advocacy, community outreach, and volunteer coordination. The int...
  • Development Internship - Stage

    Dernière mise à jour :
    12 août 2014
    Zone géographique :
    Washington, DC, US
    Description :
    As Development (Fundraising) Intern with DC Vote, you will have the opportunity to gain valuable experience in the field of fundraising, event coordination, mem...

Volet d'activités de DC Vote

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Organisations de DC Vote

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Contacts de DC Vote

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    Manya Gorman-Knutson image

    Manya Gorman-Knutson

    Zone géographique :
    Seattle, WA, US
    David Brons image

    David Brons

    Zone géographique :
    San Francisco, CA, US
    Autres informations :
    Fan, Bénévolat
    Bridgett SImmons image

    Bridgett SImmons

    Zone géographique :
    Garland, TX, US
    Autres informations :
    Cathy Cavander image

    Cathy Cavander

    Zone géographique :
    washington, DC, US
    Autres informations :

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