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À propos

Widows and Orphans Alive Community is registered Community based Organization in Kenya, that is serving the most affected widows, Orphans and vulnerable in the slums of Eldoret Town and its rural areas.

Our Mission:

WOAC exists to act out and make real an ongoing structure to alleviate the extreme poverty faced by widows and vulnerable by providing funding, training to meet basic food, shelter, and safety needs, while creating opportunities and resources that enable and empower widows, orphans and vulnerable single mothers to establish their own self-sufficiency and independence, regardless of religious affiliation

WOAC exists to:

  1. Uplift Widows, Orphans and vulnerable Single Mothers from
    personal social struggle to a place of appreciation, dignity and self
    sustaining in the community.
  2. To mediate on behalf of disadvantaged Widows, orphans and
    Vulnerable single mothers on civil/human rights and social deprivation
  1. To provide a platform of linkage to health, educational, social and
    economical improvement opportunities through partnership with like minded
    institutions and programs.
  2. To conduct civic education on HIV/AIDS,
    human rights, gender, democracy and good governance among the general
  3. To provide care and support to those affected and infected with HIV/AIDS
    including people with HIV/AIDS and orphans.
  4. To promote positive youth, women and child development through counselling,
    life skills leadership and entrepreneurship development.


ü Feed and Clothe Community programme:

ü Elimisha Community programme

ü Shelter Community programme

ü Business Community programme

ü Health Community programme

ü Kumbatia CommunityProgramme



Date de fondation : 14/6/2011

Numéro d'identification : A7421/UA/Kenya

Adresse email : Identifiez-vous pour voir ces adresses email

Site(s) web:
facebook.com/WidowsAndOrphansCommunityFoundation woaccommunity.org

Numéro de téléphone : +254724223828

Adresse :
Langas Estate, Eldoret, Keiyo, 254, Kenya

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