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The Agenda Project is a 501c3 public policy organization whose mission is to make the well-being of regular Americans the primary driver of public policy. To that end, we aggressively challenge individuals and institutions of power that prevent public policy from serving the American people, and refute hegemonic ideas that act as the intellectual rationalization for policies that do not serve the American people.

Good values and common sense have lost their influence on the public debate. In today's political climate, just about everything – partisanship, inertia, and idiocy – has more power than good ideas that improve the lives of regular people. For many citizens, our country's defining aspiration – that all people deserve the freedom to realize their full and individual potential – is increasingly unattainable. The reason for this is simple. Our system of self-governance, which was designed to facilitate the prosperity of our citizens, has been taken over by a small group of multi-national corporations, self-interested leaders and corrupt elected officials. Our goal is to build a powerful, intelligent movement capable of ensuring our country's enduring success by cultivating a rich understanding of public policy; identifying and advancing rational ideas in the public debate; facilitating effective action, and connecting engaged citizens with the best ideas and the strongest leaders through a variety in-person and on-line platforms.

Our work center around values-based projects such as Patriotic Millionaires for Fiscal Strength, America the Beautiful, Hate Begets Hate, and Lead the Change. The Agenda Project Action Fund, a 501c4 organization operates The Daily Agenda, an online hub that connects the moments to the Movement.



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