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Since 1993, Seeds of Peace has empowered new generations of leaders committed to working toward peace. For 21 years, Seeds of Peace has set the standard in international, people-to-people peace-building. Our goal is to fundamentally change the status quo in conflict regions by equipping a new generation with the skills, networks, knowledge and influence that can move their societies from ongoing hostility to lasting peace.

We start by providing exceptional young people from the Middle East and South Asia—those identified by their communities as potential leaders and influencers—with an otherwise unavailable opportunity to live with historic enemies for one month at our International Camp. We foster these new relationships, perspectives and skills through year-round local programs, continuing from youth into adulthood.

Seeds of Peace was founded by John Wallach, an award-winning journalist and author who spent years covering the Middle East and the Arab-Israeli conflict. John recognized that a transformation of people, not just a treaty on paper, is essential to real change in regions of conflict.



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