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Citizens Leadership Academy

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Dernière mise à jour : 5 févr. 2014 22:05:53

26 janv. 2012 03:56:01
Citizens Leadership Acade a dit
CLA is adding a seventh grade faculty!


Citizens Leadership Academy (CLA) is a Cleveland, Ohio middle school that opened in August 2011. The mission of Citizens Leadership Academy is to create a highly effective middle school that cultivates students who are prepared to be socially responsible, civically engaged leaders in high school, college and beyond. CLA has a unique, two-fold synergistic approach to learning: academically rigorous skill-based classes focused on foundational skills in literacy and math paired with long-term, project based learning anchored in science and social studies. CLA scholars learn key skills and then apply them in engaging and relevant learning expeditions that take the learning out of the classroom and into the community and that bring community experts to the classroom. CLA long-term, project-based learning expeditions culminate in high quality products for a genuine audience. CLA is the first Expeditionary Learning school in northeastern Ohio. CLA is also the middle school for Citizens Academy, a part of Breakthrough Schools, and a member of the Facing History and Ourselves small schools network. To learn more, visit www.citizensleadership.org and also www.elschools.org.

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    Shelly Saltzman

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    Cleveland, OH, US
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9711 Lamont, Cleveland, OH, 44106, US
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April 2011


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