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Rescue Widows, Elderly, Youth and Orphans with Aids (RWEYOWA)

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

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21 août 2011 18:56:09
Rescue Widows, Elderly, a dit


RWEYOWA is a certified non-governmental organization founded in 2003 and registered in 2009 with the National Board of NGOs under the Uganda Ministry of Internal Affairs, Reg. No. S.5914/8248.

It was during the population census of 2002, a door to door exercise, that committed volunteers who were directly involved in the exercise felt concerned about the terrible living conditions of the people affected/infected with HIV/AIDS. They thought it helpful to come up with RWEYOWA to reduce the further spread of HIV/AIDS and improve the livelihoods of those affected/infected with HIV/AIDS in the community.

RWEYOWA's core strength is its excellent understanding of the community it serves and its practical approach of finding solutions to community problems. This strength is derived from the fact that some of the implementers of RWEYOWA's activities are members of the same vulnerable groups that RWEYOWA targets (i.e. are people affected/infected with HIV/AIDS in the community).

RWEYOWA is dedicated to serving the people of Wakiso and Kampala Districts in Uganda. Most of its core interventions are carried out in Ssabagabo-Makindye, which is the biggest of all the sub-counties of Wakiso district, with a total population of 150,300 people (according to the Housing and population census of 2002).

Out of the total population, 10,500 are living with HIV/AIDS and this explains why Ssabagabo Makindye received the first priority.

RWEYOWA's Mission Statement

RWEYOWA exists to curb the further spread of HIV/AIDS and to improve the livelihoods of those affected/infected with HIV/AIDS in the community.

Broad Objectives

  • To prevent the further spread of HIV/AIDS and other STDs among people of all age groups in the community through the ABC strategy, i.e. Abstinence, Being faithful and Condoms used correctly and consistently.
  • To promote Adolescent and Sexual Reproductive Health (ASRH) among young people in the community.
  • To encourage increasing respect, opportunity and protection for people affected/infected with HIV/AIDS, including orphans and vulnerable children.
  • To establish care and support projects or activities for people affected/infected with HIV/AIDS as a means of improving their social and economic welfare.
  • To promote cooperation/coordination through mobilization, information sharing and expertise with other organizations in the struggle against HIV/AIDS.

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    Zone géographique :
    Kampala, UG
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Numéro de téléphone : +256 752 876 783

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Entebbe Highway Kampala, Namasuba Central Zone, Kampala, UG.102, Ouganda, +256


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