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Albertina Kerr Centers

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 23 mai 2013 22:05:25


Our Mission Albertina Kerr partners with the community to support people with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges to lead self determined lives and realize their full potential.

Our Vision All children and adults with developmental disabilities and mental health challenges will thrive in nurturing homes and inclusive communities.

It is our goal that Albertina Kerr's services will create a community where all children, adults and families facing mental health challenges and developmental disabilities:

Live rich and meaningful lives in their communities.
Have a sense of identity and learn successfully.
Are supported in connecting with their biological families and live with biological families whenever possible.
Enjoy the same educational opportunities as their peers.
Develop the capacity to earn a living wage.
Learn to live independently and in the least restrictive setting possible.
Have the choices to participate in the daily life activities of their non-disabled peers.
Have hopes, dreams, friends and the ability to shape their own futures.

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    Michelle Morrison image

    Michelle Morrison

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    Portland, OR, US
    Tony Muniz image

    Tony Muniz

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    Gaston, OR, US
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    Meghan Anderson image

    Meghan Anderson

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    Portland, OR, US
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    Matthew image


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    Portland, OR, US
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