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Global Student Outreach

Some of the poorest places on the planet are lands rich in cultural history and natural beauty, home to some of the world's warmest people. For many of these people, life can be a desperate struggle for food and safety. Children often subsist from meal to meal, vulnerable to water-borne illness, and many are without adult care. It is not unusual to find eight and ten year olds left to care for younger siblings. Often education is out of reach for most children who must work to grow food or support their families. Those who are able attend school rarely continue past 6th grade.

Our Mission

To reduce the burdens of poverty and illiteracy for those affected by poverty in developing nations. by providing access to clean water, quality education and community development workshops in an effort to provide sustainable solutions while actively encouraging participation of the people.

Our organization is a non-denominational, not-for-profit which connects community service volunteers with youth and families in need of support, working together on cooperative projects throughout the country. The resulting interaction and genuine friendship between the volunteers and the local children and families builds long term bonds and mutual understanding.



Date de fondation : October 5, 2009

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