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Lew Edwards Group

Consultant/Vendeur pour Organisations à buts non lucratifs

Dernière mise à jour : 13 août 2013 20:58:45


The Lew Edwards Group is a communications, government affairs, and political consulting firm.

Our consulting services include campaign management, media, direct mail, communications strategies, and grassroots organizing techniques for elected officials, public agencies, private industries, and nonprofits.

We pride ourselves on a nontraditional, community-oriented approach.

Whether serving a public agency, elected officials, or private sector clients, our organization believes in the power of methodically building significant, broad-based public support as the most effective method of furthering your long-term objectives.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life in local neighborhoods. Today, more than ever, those in leadership are challenged to involve their communities as active participants in making social change.

We select clients who demonstrate a commitment to serving local communities and working on behalf of constituencies who are in the greatest need of help.

LEG principals, experts and consultants have worked on local measures and campaigns in virtually every County in California. The firm's experts are frequently called upon to appear at finance measure training workshops on behalf of the California League of Cities, California School Board Association, Coalition for Adequate School Housing, Local Government Commission, California Society of Municipal Finance Officers, California Municipal Treasurers Association, Association of California Healthcare Districts, and Community College League of California.

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