Mennonite Coalition for Refugee Support

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MCRS provides support in four main areas. We strive to:

1.Support refugees through the claims process
MCRS is often the first stop for refugee claimants in Canada. We provide immediate assistance in completing forms and applications, help in finding legal counsel, aid in applying for work permits, and help in navigating through other complex immigration-related processes.

2.Provide settlement support for refugee claimants
A new country, language, climate and culture bring many challenges for families struggling to meet their basic needs. MCRS helps orientate refugee claimants in their new community while offering help in finding shelter, obtaining social assistance, accessing healthcare, and finding educational opportunities.

3.Build a community of support
Refugee claimants fleeing violence and oppression badly need a network of support, yet many families fleeing their homeland have left everything behind. MCRS helps build a community of support for these families through activities, informal gatherings, and by connecting refugee claimant families with mentoring families in the community.

4.Encourage community mobilization
The local community can play a powerful role in helping refugee claimants. Issues such as unfair legislation, legal barriers to families' reunification, and unfair appeals are all significant obstacles facing refugee claimant families. MCRS helps by raising awareness in the community, by participating in national events, and by advocating for change at both the national and local levels.




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