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The mission of Boston Plan for Excellence (BPE) is to drive exceptional outcomes for all students by developing great teachers and great schools.  BPE devises solutions to the toughest challenges faced by Boston’s students and teachers by weaving together expertise in teacher training and school development. We believe ambitious teaching (which we define as instruction that consistently engages all students in rigorous content) requires not only effective teachers, but also systems that support great teaching and methods for continuous improvement. We have prepared more than 600 teachers for the Boston Public Schools through the nationally recognized and replicated Boston Teacher Residency program. Today, we are redesigning schooling for students and teachers by creating neighborhood based Teaching Academies, schools which provide a world class education for all students while preparing outstanding new teachers for the Boston Public Schools. We launched our first Teaching Academy, the Dudley Street Neighborhood Charter School, in 2012, and our second, the Dearborn STEM Academy, in July 2015. In 2013, we created the Dudley Promise Corps to further leverage the power of national service to provide high-quality extended learning time and academic support to students in the Dudley neighborhood of Roxbury.




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