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Vinaka Fiji

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Dernière mise à jour : 11 déc. 2012 01:14:00


The Vinaka Fiji Trust was established in 2010 to formalize and further the work and economic assistance provided by the owners of Awesome Adventures Fiji to the people of the Yasawa Islands Region.

The Vinaka Fiji Volunteer program aims to improve the provision of basic needs and amenities, often taken for granted in modern society, yet missing from village life in the Yasawas. It seeks to do this both through direct aid and by acting as a facilitator, bringing those who can help - companies, government, aid agencies and individuals together with the landowners and residents.

The key focus for Vinaka Fiji is providing infrastructure and solutions in the areas of fresh water, nutrition, education, power, marine and environment.

Specifically, this includes supporting villages with:

  • Achieving and maintaining access to clean reliable sources of water
  • Development of a diverse range of crops & food sources for nutrition and micro-enterprise purposes
  • Supporting Fijian Education programs in schools where child/teacher ratios are very high and in villages with school holiday programs
  • Assisting with access to information and alternative solutions for power sources with a low environmental impact
  • Research on the valuable marine environment & community education regarding the effective management of such resources

Vinaka Fiji Volunteer programs:

1) Education

Schools in the Yasawas are remote, under-resourced and the teacher to student ratio is extremely high. Work with local teachers to help school children develop their sport and play as well as teach extra curricular activities and skills. Vinaka Fiji supports both primary and secondary schools as well as some kindergartens.

2) Sustainable Communities

Assist in critical areas including securing fresh water, resource management, environmental initiatives, sustainable agriculture practices and assisting in the set up of micro enterprises. This is a highly diverse and rewarding program.

3) Marine Research and Conservation

This program involves gathering, collating and submitting important marine data. There is a strong focus on developing a finer appreciation and better management of the sea as a resource for villages. Full training and certification courses are available.

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