Building Healthy Communities: Long Beach

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Building Healthy Communities: Long Beach (BHCLB) is committed to building a community where: health care and prevention resources are available for all children, school attendance increases, the childhood obesity epidemic is reversed and youth violence is reduced. Every day, policy decisions are made that shape our communities and the way the look, feel and impact us. Ultimately, these policies impact our health and we're here to make sure that working together, we can help make the right decisions for our communities.

We believe that to have a healthy community, you need the following ingredients (outcomes):

  1. All children have health coverage
  2. Families have improved access to a health home that supports healthy behaviors.
  3. Health and family-focused human services shift resources toward prevention.
  4. Residents live in communities with health promoting land-use, transportation and community development.
  5. Children and their families are safe from violence in their homes and neighborhoods.
  6. Communities support healthy youth development.
  7. Neighborhood and school environments support improved health and healthy behaviors.
  8. Community health improvements are linked to economic development.
  9. Health gaps for boys and young men of color are narrowed.
  10. California has a shared vision of community health.


Date de fondation : 2010

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Numéro de téléphone : 562-436-4800

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920 Atlantic Ave., Ste. 102, Long Beach, CA, 90813, US

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