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College Bound Dorchester

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

Dernière mise à jour : 10 oct. 2013 14:04:51



To equip Dorchester students with the attitude, skills and experience to graduate from college.


To use education as a means to transform the neighborhoods of Dorchester.


Results; High Expectations; Solutions Oriented; Community; Honest Clear Communication; Personal Accountability; Joy


College Bound Dorchester, formerly known as Federated Dorchester Neighborhood Houses, has been serving the community of Dorchester since 1965. Although the organization's name has changed its commitment to supporting positive change in Dorchester remains resolute.

In the neighborhoods of Dorchester less than one quarter of the adult population has a college degree. College Bound Dorchester works to ensure that all students view success in college as not just a possibility in their lives but as a baseline expectation.

Everyday College Bound Dorchester's educators work with diverse populations between 3 months to 80 years of age, including at-risk youth, newly arrived immigrants and families struggling to provide educational support to their children. In each program, College Bound Dorchester provides educational services to the underserved and lays the foundation for future academic, economic and social success. By providing a continuum of services, College Bound Dorchester ensures that no student gets lost on their path to higher education and that all students have the tools to realize their goals. This work has the ability to not only increase the number of college graduates in Dorchester, but to also shift the community's mindset about college. This shift, from one of limited possibilities to one of high aspirations for all, will ultimately have transformative impact on the community's socio-economic development.

With an annual budget of $5.6 million and a staff of 90, College Bound Dorchester annually serves over 1,000 children, youth and adults.

Annonces de College Bound Dorchester

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  • Lead Teacher: Center-Based Early Education - Emploi

    Dernière mise à jour :
    12 sept. 2014
    Zone géographique :
    Boston, MA, US
    Description :
    POSITION OVERVIEW College Bound Dorchester is opening a new education classroom and hiring a Lead Teacher who will be responsible for implementing student asse...

Volet d'activités de College Bound Dorchester

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Organisations de College Bound Dorchester

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Contacts de College Bound Dorchester

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    Jessye Kass image

    Jessye Kass

    Zone géographique :
    Concord, MA, US
    Autres informations :
    Jackie Rodriguez image

    Jackie Rodriguez

    Zone géographique :
    Dorchester, MA, US
    Amanda Smidt image

    Amanda Smidt

    Zone géographique :
    Boston, MA, US
    Autres informations :
    Carla Pataky image

    Carla Pataky

    Zone géographique :
    Boston, MA, US
    Autres informations :
    Nina Banozic image

    Nina Banozic

    Zone géographique :
    Grand Rapids, MI, US
    Autres informations :
    Elizabeth Belton image

    Elizabeth Belton

    Zone géographique :
    Astoria, NY, US
    Autres informations :
    Jesse H image

    Jesse H

    Zone géographique :
    Boston, MA, US
    Autres informations :
    Noelani Guerrero image

    Noelani Guerrero

    Zone géographique :
    Boston, MA, US
    Lauren Tringali image

    Lauren Tringali

    Zone géographique :
    Boston, MA, US
    Autres informations :
    Alexandra Vanegas image

    Alexandra Vanegas

    Zone géographique :
    Cambridge, MA, US
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