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Folger Shakespeare Library

Association ou organisation à but non lucratif

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Welcome to the Folger Shakespeare Library, located on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. Home to the world's largest and finest collection of Shakespeare materials and to major collections of other rare Renaissance books, manuscripts, and works of art, the Folger serves a wide audience of researchers, visitors, teachers, students, families, and theater- and concert-goers.

The Folger is a world-renowned research center on Shakespeare and on the early modern age in the West. Its conservation lab is a leading innovator in the preservation of rare materials. Its well-known public programs include plays, concerts, literary readings, family activities, and exhibitions, as well as numerous K-12 and college programs for students and teachers. Advanced scholars participate in a variety of Folger Institute seminars and colloquia. The Folger also publishes the illustrated, completely re-edited Folger Editions of Shakespeare's plays, award-winning exhibition catalogs, and the journal Shakespeare Quarterly.

The Folger opened in 1932 as a gift to the American nation from Henry Clay Folger and his wife Emily Jordan Folger. It is administered by a Board of Governors under the auspices of Amherst College, Henry Folger's alma mater. Henry and Emily Folger founded the library long before the Internet was ever imagined, but Folger has further opened the doors to the collection in a spirit they surely would have approved.

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    Claire Lewandowski

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    Washington, DC, US
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    Fan, Bénévolat
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    Jon-Michael Eclar

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    Washington, DC, US
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    KC Commander

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    Atlanta, GA, US
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    Kimberley M

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    Washington, DC, US
    Amanda Nolan image

    Amanda Nolan

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    Philadelphia, PA, US
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    washington, DC, US
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    southeast, DC, US
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    claire image


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    capitol hill, DC, US
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201 East Capitol Street, SE, Washington, DC, 20003, US
Date de fondation :
opened in 1932


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