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Dernière mise à jour : 8 juin 2012 03:06:51

29 juin 2012 20:49:56
Sarthi Bihar a dit
Looking for possible partnership opportunities to support children in need of care and protection....


SARTHI is a Govt registered Non Government organisation established as a need-based organisation in 2001. A group of concerned social activists and professional joined handtogether as a "Committment to bring positive changes in the lives of children" and founded SARTHI in Patna after visiting various government-run institutions in few locations in Bihar (The state capital and one of the poorest region). The visit has reflected on the need of responding to the issues of children who were found being kept in those homes for years without any justified reasons. Oftentimes the parents were unaware of their children's incarceration. Still other parents, who were aware of the circumstances, had no financial means to travel to Patna to assist their children in petitioning for release. Compounding matters was their fear of becoming involved in complicated and costly legal battles for which they could not pay.

Responding to the identified needs SARTHI's most central work has shaped in " protection and rehabilitation of children placed in Bihar's government homes for minors in Patna". SARTHI does not discriminate in its efforts to help all children within this sizable and diverse population, which includes children from broken or abusive families, orphaned children, street children, handicapped children, and juvenile offenders.Throughout the course of our work, we became aware of myriad interconnected issues that surround child incarceration. For instance, a child who has suffered abuse and neglect at home or in a government home has little to no idea how to care for him or herself as an adolescent or adult.

Our experience working with these children also suggest that the children who were not reunited with their families, but who had managed to escape a government-run home, were likely to become involved in criminal activity, with a life of incarceration in prison ahead of them. We were able to reunite children with their respective parents with as little financial support as $10. For these reasons cited above SARTHI also began working toward child delinquency prevention and organizing health camps to provide care and health education to children and adolescents.

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    Dernière mise à jour :
    14 févr. 2013
    Description :
    "Sharing Smiles Together" Dear Sir/Ma'am, I, Tarkeshwar Singh, writing to you on behalf of SARTHI (a Patna based Govt registered Non-Profit making Voluntary...

    Dernière mise à jour :
    17 juin 2012
    Description :
    "Sharing Smiles Together" Dear Idealist Friends, I,Tarkeshwar Singh, writing to you on behalf of SARTHI (a Non Profit making Voluntary Organization) that work...

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Road No-17, RAJEEV NAGAR, P.O-Keshri Nagar, Patna, Patna, Bihar, 800023, Inde
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