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Global Girls


Dernière mise à jour : 4 mai 2011 20:30:54


Global Girls' mission is to empower Kenyan women and promote the traditional crafts they make by providing jobs at fair trade wages.

Global Girls currently buys directly from many impoverished artisans in Kenya and is proud to pay above-market prices for the sandals.

The artisans benefit by our purchasing the sandals directly from them. One advantage is that the artisans may work from home, thereby alleviating the need to spend money on bus fare, meals out and childcare. Also, selling sandals direct to a distributor/exporter like Global Girls allows the artisans to produce goods "as-ordered," as opposed to producing numerous sandals to be taken to the marketplace in hopes of selling them. Producing on an as-ordered basis means the artisans don't waste time and money peddling their wares and they avoid accumulating stock. The result is the artisans reap greater profits since they are not saddled by unsold merchandise.

Generating income is crucial to not only achieving economic sustainability, but to the potential of growing a business.

Once up and running, the co-operative will function in a micro-financed business model, where it will be conveniently located for the artisans and in which they'll be paid fair-trade wages.

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