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Pacific Biodiversity Institute is working to help native plants and animals survive and flourish in a world where they are constantly challenged by habitat degradation, landscape fragmentation, invasive alien species, poaching and other forms of exploitation. We also work to study, map and protect large wildland areas and other habitat that species need to survive. We engage in education, research and various forms of public involvement so that we can continue to share the earth with a multitude of other life forms. Many donors, volunteers and interns contribute greatly to all aspects of our work. We are leaders in engaging volunteers in citizen conservation science initiatives.

We conduct scientific research in the fields of ecology, conservation biology, and natural resource management. Our activities are focused on the conservation of biodiversity and maintenance of ecological integrity.

We develop advanced analytical tools and methods that aid the conservation of biodiversity and provide access to these tools, as well as research and consultative services, to public agencies, educational institutions and other non-profit conservation organizations. We provide scientific and technical information for use in the public review of public land management policies. Pacific Biodiversity Institute engages in a variety of educational activities including: the production of publications related to conservation and natural resource management issues, the organization of scientific conferences and public symposia, the development of educational materials and community level environmental education.



Date de fondation : 1998

Numéro d'identification : 31-1602392

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Numéro de téléphone : 509-996-2490

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P.O. Box 298, 517 Lufkin Lane, Winthrop, WA, 98862, US

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