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Hartford Public Schools

Agence gouvernementale

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3 nov. 2011 18:46:50
HPS a dit
Choose. Achieve. Succeed


Hartford Public Schools is a system of high performing, distinctive schools of choice. Hartford Public Schools exists to provide all students with access to participation in a global economy through mastery of Academic Standards of the State of Connecticut and readiness for post-secondary education. The content mastery of Hartford students in reading, math, science, and college readiness will reflect the high educational outcomes of the State of Connecticut. We are committed to being a leader in innovative urban education. As the most improved city school district in Connecticut for several years running, there is no doubt that Hartford Public Schools is making its mark with its unique education plan. To learn more about the Hartford Public Schools mission, model, our schools and staff, please visit our website at http:talent.hartfordschools.org

As the largest school district in the state of Connecticut, serving 25,000 students, we believe:

1. That all students can learn at or above grade level.

2. That the achievement gap must and can be eliminated, by each student reaching his/her learning potential.

3. That schools have an enormous impact on students' lives.

4. That all parents must be empowered to play an active role in their students' education.

5. That community collaboration is fundamental to achieving and sustaining excellence.

These Beliefs directly impact all families as the district pledges to provide rigorous instruction designed to close the achievement gap. Additionally, the Beliefs call for families and the district to work in an effective partnership to promote the best interest of the child. Finally, schools, and the district, will be responsive and accountable to their communities.

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