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Dernière mise à jour : 23 oct. 2012 15:02:07


Aurora was established as an NGO in 2010 with the goal of nurturing personal growth and healing. Aurora aims to provide a unique environment for creative experimentation to build an inspired and sustainable future.

We welcome people from a range of disciplines, such as the creative arts, sciences, appropriate technologies, permaculture, holistic healing, sustainability and many more. Our community development work is also an expression of our vision to support personal development and innovation.

Located near Pangani on the Tanzanian coast, Aurora is based on a 110 acre permaculture farm surrounding a beautiful secluded sandy bay with mangroves and coral reef. We are in the process of completing our beautiful teaching and retreat centre overlooking the coast and accommodation for guests set in the gardens. Through this centre Aurora will become a learning hub that raises consciousness and awareness by disseminating information and ideas in a creative engaging way.

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Contacts de Aurora

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    Beth Summers image

    Beth Summers

    Zone géographique :
    Pangani, Tanga Region, Tanzanie


Adresse e-mail :
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Site web :
Adresse :
Kikogwe, Pangani, Tanga Region, Tanzanie
Date de fondation :
9 June 2010


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